Just another weight loss Tumblr account? Here are my ramblings about my weight loss journey.
Starting: 354.8
Current: 294.6
Current goal: 284 (September 2014 Dietbet Goal)
Total weight loss: 60 lbs
Total inches loss: 29.5 (April 2014)


Damo today. I’m having a hard time today.

Couch to five k in the am. And just rpm at night. Made some bad food choices, including the 8 mini doughnuts I had today. Oy.

This damo helped me through my run this morning

I really wanted to eat all the crap today. Even after I ate out breakfast and lunch.

At the gym I had to leave after body pump cause I just didn’t have the energy or water to do body combat!

But alas, it all worked out apparently. I know the readings are super generous but I would love to be 275 in five weeks.


how to build the perfect smoothie 

Small Victory # 49 

I hadn’t seen my manfriend in a couple weeks but when he saw me this week he asked how much I weighed because my stomach had gone down a ton. It wasn’t just in my head. 


I love Mondays.

Food was not great.. Two sandwiches and packaged snack foods.

I got in a walk from union station, did rpm and body flow. Woo hoo

What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like