Just another weight loss Tumblr account? Here are my ramblings about my weight loss journey.
Starting: 354.8
Current: 294.6
Current goal: 284 (September 2014 Dietbet Goal)
Total weight loss: 60 lbs
Total inches loss: 29.5 (April 2014)


Damo thst fueled my morning run

Weekend Challenge: Lateral Band Walks

Workout to help with squats

I ate when I got home. Added three lbs to my day.

This morning I went for a run. Week 4. Day 2.

Walk at lunch pushed me up to 9,600 and the walk down the stairs at the end of the day got me here :) Woo hoo

Ran on the spot to hit these steps. Had a slow day at baseball.

Overate late today. Had a regular sized burrito but I actually couldn’t finish it. Which is good. I also put the soup and chips I had away too.

Plan tomorrow is to start w a run. Then a smoothie. Walk at lunch and some body weight exercises when I’m here at the end of the day.

5 Bodyweight Moves that Burn Fat—Fast!

I was worried today wouldn’t have gone this well!!

I took a cab to work from the train station! Majority of my steps are from rpm, which my heart rate monitor didn’t track but it did for Yoga. Which is amazing. I csnt wait to use this baby more and more!!

Let’s talk though.

Ten days of treats.

Being totally honest the last ten days have been a food free for all. I even thought after a week I was ready to get back on track but instead I choose to drink a lot of beer and eat ridiculously.

Though that has prepared me for the next five weeks. I’m going to kick ass and lose weight a tiny bit faster so I can squeeze a little bit more into my year 1 of weight loss.

I can’t out exercise a bad diet so my goal is too load up with veggies to help keep me filled.

I don’t have a menu plan for the week cause I’m just landing in Toronto but I am going to focus on eating clean the best I can.

I know I’m planning a double date at the movies w my sister so I’ll plan in some popcorn for that night. I also know Saturday will be a BBq and food day for a friend’s birthday but I’ll hit up a grocery store to prep some veggies for me to have.

This week’s exercise I’m not sure how it will work because of potentially watching the house / dog and thst would mean no after work gym classes. Man friend coming in Thursday night also means there will be less desire on my part to exercise.

I am going to do three Cardios and three strength training though.

My happy would be:
Monday : Body flow and rpm
Tuesday: morning run and body weight exercises
Wednesday: Body combat and flow
Thursday: morning run, Body pump and swimming
Frisay: Swimming
Saturday: Body weight, run and swimming.

Monday: Body flow and rpm
Tuesday: morning run and body weight
Wednesday: Steps
Thursday: morning run and body weight. Friday: maybe swimming.
Saturday / Sunday: Body weight and run.

Where is my willpower?

 I was reading a good article by Melinda Watman in “Weight matters” magazine, and I was struck by how she wanted us to stop using the word ‘willpower’ and substitute it for what is really happening when we give into the temptation to eat when we aren’t hungry.


                Let’s start with this sentence: The study of willpower is fraught with controversy and conflicting research, with the consideration of whether or not willpower works for weight management.  When it comes to willpower, there are likely some common questions floating in most of our minds:

   Does willpower exist?

   Do I have it?

   How do I get it?

   Why can’t I control it?


                Actually, willpower is a much more complicated entity than we realize.  It may mean controlling your impulses (such as buying popcorn at a movie); delaying gratification (not having popcorn to achieve bigger goal of weight loss); controlling emotions (such as trying to change your mood) or controlling performance (such as managing how you do something —speed, accuracy etc).


                Since it’s an ill defined term, she prefers to refer to our issues as not ‘lack of willpower’ but ‘ego depletion’.  Studies suggest that ego depletion refers to the fact that we have a bank account of willpower and once it is used up, it has to be replenished.  Not surprisingly, resisting food/dieting results in ego depletion.  Added to this are many other factors such as stress, sleep deprivation, hunger, illness, complex decision making and trying to achieve numerous goals at the same time.  Most of us have several ego depleting factors happening simultaneously.


                So, why try to differentiate at all?  Well, we must realize that we are bombarded with an unusually high number of concurrent ego-depleting circumstances, such as stress, emotions, sleep deprivation, illness and hunger.  Recognizing in yourself which ego depleting factors are occurring and causing you to make faulty choices means increased awareness.


                So: make decisions when you are fresh, alert, not hungry or tired; set short term concrete goals; minimize stress as best you can; use pre-determination thinking by planning ahead “If someone offers me a piece of chocolate, I will say no thanks and take a bite of my apple”.


                All of this is simply to re-frame our thinking.  Try not to be harsh on yourself and feel guilty or weak, “lacking in willpower”.  Recognize that the circumstance you are in is depleting your ability to focus and try to change.  Try to be prepared, mentally and physically.  At the end of the day, you are tired and just want to put your feet up and nibble; you are ego-depleted from a hard day at work.  Recognize that this will likely occur day after day, so have solutions for this.  Have a healthy snack prepared ahead of time.  Go for a meditative walk to help you focus and regain energy.


                This is a long journey which requires change. Awareness of those things that make us more vulnerable will go a long way in changing our habits of snacking.


                You can do it, just never give up!

                Dr Doug